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I love the process of making art! Acrylic abstracts, abstract collage, watercolor, clay art - I love it all! I sometimes work in series; I sometimes create one of a kind pieces. I enjoy creating textures, making marks, and mixing and layering colors. I work on paper, canvas, and in clay. If you page through my website you will see that I DO LOVE VARIETY!  

Currently I am exploring mark making and gestural brushstrokes as painting starts with subsequent steps of veiling/glazing, creating texture and more mark making. I often focus on cruciform and grid compositions while working on a series of abstract acrylic paintings on canvas. 

I am also working on a series of collage paintings in which I will use vintage papers plus papers collected during my travels to Paris France and Door County, WI.

My love for watercolor continues. I am working on seasonal themes: florals, landscapes, fall, winter, harvest and holidays and I teach a weekly adult class every other month. 



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