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in·ter·est: A state of curiosity or concern about or attention to something. 

ac·tiv·i·ty: A specified pursuit in which a person partakes.

Acrylic Abstracts: I have always enjoyed abstract art and starting in January 2015, I have focused on using acrylic paint and sometimes collage to paint abstractly. Check my Facebook page or my Blog for examples and also the Abstracts tab on this website.  Special thanks to Karen Ragus for sharing acrylic abstract painting techniques and for inspiration and motivation.  
Abstract Collages: I enjoy altering and painting my own collage papers. I also collect vintage papers and save papers found during my travels to use in my art.  My thanks to Laura Lein-Svencner for sharing her abstract collage techniques. 
Watercolors: I dabbled in watercolors for years. A turning point occurred in April 2003 when I started taking weekly classes with the late Marilyn Keating at L'Atelier in Janesville, WI. Marilyn was a delightful person, an excellent teacher with mastery of a wide variety of watercolor techniques and a very dear friend; she taught me so much!  I have also been fortunate enough to attend workshops with some well known instructors; I am delighted to have had the experiences. In August 2004 I sold my first painting. I must thank my excellent teachers, workshop instructors and supportive family and friends. Thank you!  
Classes:  Occasionally I offer adult watercolor/mixed media classes on Thursday afternoons at the Starin Park Community Center in Whitewater. I provide instruction, demonstrations and optional critique. This program is coordinated by the Seniors in the Park program. For more information about Thursday painting sessions, please send me email at karolynalexander@att.net.
Pottery: In September of 1993, I started taking pottery classes  at Clay Loft Studio in Palmyra, WI with Susan Alexander. (Susan is a fabulous person and teacher!) I worked in my own home studio starting in 1994 and in the summer of 1999 I purchased a kiln and started participating in small arts and crafts fairs. With the help of my husband I was able to show my work in several art fairs per year.  It kept us pretty busy for several years and we really enjoyed meeting the people who were interested in my work. 
ARTSEE: My license plate reads ARTSEE. If I can't be making art, I enjoy looking at it. I love to visit art museums, galleries, art shows and fairs to "SEE ART"!
Travel: Visiting new places has been a priority my entire adult life. Whether we visit Door County, a Wisconsin State Park or Paris, France, I enjoy the new sights, experiences, and people.
Gardening: Working in my yard provides relaxation and a sense of accomplishment. Each year I add a few new perennials to my flower beds. Several years ago, a small pond was established to provide water for the variety of birds and small wildlife critters that frequent our yard. 
Birdwatching: We enjoy feeding and watching birds in our backyard. Cardinals, chickadees, finches, wrens, robins, woodpeckers, sparrows, blue jays and many others visit daily. For several weeks a year indigo buntings, orioles and hummingbirds are regular diners; they seem to move on when hot weather approaches. Black oil sunflower seed, thistle seed and a special blend for finches as well as many sources of water are provided. A highlight each year has been watching a male indigo bunting make his regular visits to the bird feeders and the orioles frequenting the fresh oranges we put out for them.


Hugo C. Tscharnack - Husband, best friend, personal framer, and the one who makes Artsee, Ink possible!
Jason (son) and wife Shawn Alexander, Whitewater, WI. Hogan Douglas Alexander, grandson, and Cambell Conlyn Alexander, granddaughter. 
Jared (son) and wife Ann Margaret Alexander, Minneapolis, MN. Lily Valentine Alexander, granddaughter, and Vincent Henry Alexander, grandson. 

Karolyn in her studio. 


                Photo by Hogan Alexander        Photo by Hogan Alexander

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